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'petal' co-working for green startups

Posted on October 8th, 2013

location i'm really happy to have found a place in the heart of hockley that actually potentially fills the space in my nottingham co-working life. at the very top floor of the new edins space on carlton road (don't worry hartleys -- i still love you) it's a great space. really natural and using a lot of the original features. nothing overplayed. the look

one big epic table greets you at the top of the co-working space. right now i guess we can use it in the week but i do see the potential of it being used in the evenings and for weekly or monthly events.

along the side of the room we have shelving that could carry local freelancers products or be used as fixed desks (if they have security) the who

so who's it for. disgruntled co-workers. people who could not stand that coffee person floating around like an eagle wanting to ask if you need anything. a clean space to work. relaxed. mellow. authentic. no flashing lights.

you would be a designer, audio guy, digital nomad, travel blogger, foodie or maybe green blogger. it's for everyone but we would really want those keyboard warriors that need to crank out that code each day. startups

my vision is for green startups - sustainable, environmental, grassroots and with a good code of ethics. i could see easily 3/4 teams taking up the space to work together.

pulling together from different backgrounds to cover the requirements that each team might need but also to put a lens on each of those teams as they progress. membership

at the moment this is an interesting one. we have three models that are floating around and i think it could be a hybrid approach from all of them.

  • daily cost (one day, drop in tourist)
  • memberships (weekly, monthly and quarterly)
  • the pwyh (pay what you have) approach to using the space.

basically we need not only footfall for the space but also making sure the room is not just a bunch of people using electricity. being respectful of the space.

i'm thinking that actually some kind of internal co-working app would would really well for people to order drinks and food too. this could be the first development/grant/fund we could look to build. green wall

it already has one. a picture frame display of plants along the wall on the second floor but we want to put in an actual painted green wall for quick fire interviews in the space.

it has a perfect block area where we can do seated video catchups with the startups in the space. we need some funding for lighting but we can make it work. we got the power

right now it needs more power sockets. it also gets me thinking about raising money for solar panels to power the space. imagine if you will the ability to run the countries first co-working space that runs of renewables. that would be a pretty awesome addition to an already interesting building. i'm hoping that we could get up and running quite quickly with power requirements.

organic (natural kitchen)

love the fact that everything has a time on the sign when things come into the building. love the fact that they have focused on the environment. it really hangs together and i'm certain that you would attract the partners and friends of the startups teams over time. the food is fantastic too.


weekly or monthly. popup like. ted talks, local content, pistreet live recording and streaming (if mobile 4g works there well)


we could offer a drop in centre for social media and video above street level. if we can arrange the connection for live streaming it's a perfect place to do a launch, stream, chat. produce for someone walking off the street.

with a concierge on reception (a small box area at the top of the stairs) we could have people literally book in to do hour long sessions with startup team members if required. weekly shows

very keen to restart some of the shows that we recorded weekly in cellar54. one of the new shows is ebay queens. we have the audio, we have the perfect space for people to drop in very interesting items and if we have the recording space we can be up and running really quickly.

live streaming

we will be looking at putting up a number of dropcam units for the location. i think to get a lens on the place for people looking from street level this will be a way to know 'someone' is there.

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